We design around you and your goals, using our own creative magic that can’t be duplicated by a process or a system. Clients come to us for the kind of inspiration that can’t always be quantified—for the way we apply ourselves energetically in creating a visual language to achieve your goals. That message is for your audience. Let’s create something together.

Poppie Design is always looking to the sky with our clients
We love shaping our world (and yours) through great design

Expressing the message in a clear and engaging manner is our ultimate mission. How do we get the point across while maintaining the delicate balance between aesthetic and functionality? Careful design is key. Nobody said it would be easy.

Make me a poster of an old rodeo
Turn that poster into additional advertising
Welcome to our world

Design for Any Purpose

Almost everything around us has a designed element in one form or another. With the wide variety of work we do, we always have the touch of an artistic hand—whether it’s a poster for a small-town rodeo or large-scale wall graphics for a corporate board room. We take our eyes for design with us wherever we go. No job is too big or too small. All that matters is that we design the best solution for its intended purpose.

Design for any place
Bi-Mart corporate branding
Eugene Opera poster - Madama Butterfly

Art is meant to be shared. It’s our job to know your audience and to give something that speaks to them. Of course, we want the art to speak fondly of its subject as well. We share our creative process so that you, the subject, can become closer to your audience.

All of your print production needs covered
Whittier Wood Products print catalog

30 Years and Counting

Poppie Design has been in business for a long time—long enough to remember the bygone days of designing with pen and paper, before computers took over the process. Some of our clients have been with us through it all. Our studio truly is built on the relationships we’ve forged over the years, allowing us to create better and better work as time goes on. It’s that type of experience that immeasurably benefits both the client and the agency. To all of our valued clients, we say, “We’ve got your back.”

Your product, boxed up and shipped out
InStirring glassware, an original Poppie product design
Product packaging
InStirring coffee mug

Design for the Real World

We love to see our work jump off the screen and take shape out in the world. It could be just a basic banner, a full wall graphic, product packaging or even a product of our own invention—like this InStirring glassware and mug. We’ll work in any medium—we’re not afraid. Your brand needs an agency that’s able to design and produce for your every need, and we are up for the task. Browse through the rest of our work on this site to get a glimpse of our design and marketing services and what we can do for your company, brand or event. It’s time to turn your fresh new idea into a reality.

Show face, and turn any space into YOUR place